For those who fasted for 100 days last year.
1.  The Lord says the harvest for the 100 days fast will be given this year.
2.  Daddy says this year will be full of testimonies, those who have non before will have this year.
3.  Daddy says some of you will swim in the river of abundance this year.
4. Daddy says there will be miraculous completion of projects.
5. Daddy says there will be fulfillment of dreams.
6. Daddy says there will be miraculous restoration.
7. Daddy says the song of many will be – The Lord has been good to me.

1. Scientific and medical breakthrough will be many, particularly in the areasof lack of sleep, dreams and brain disorder.
2. Daddy says Ebola will die out.
3. Daddy says all over the world insurgencies will be considerately weakened.
4. He asked us to pray against massive calamities.
5. He asked us to pray against massive earthquakes, strong hurricane and typhoons.

1. This year all you need is to charge off your batteries by fasting for 40 days only.
Those of you who want to fast continuously 20 days and 20 nights will cover the 40 days.
If you miss one day, you have to cover it with two days.

By the end of the year – you will say all is well that ends well.

The fasting begins January 2nd 2015.