The RCCG JSO Chosen Generation arm of the Children’s Ministry comprises of children between the ages of 10 – 14 years who are primarily taught (by divine direction and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit) to have a personal relationship with Christ and to grow daily by the study of His word.
This arm of the Children’s ministry focuses on empowering these adolescents and preparing them for the young adult years.
Sound doctrine, practical Christianity, and authenticity as children of God are in the forefront of the curriculum for this age group. It is important to start early to equip them with the word of God as well as teach them the rudiments of evangelism which is at the core of our service in the kingdom of God. All these are achieved through programs and activities that foster relationships, encourage tolerance, acceptance, and love for one another as Jesus exemplified.
This arm of the children’s ministry operates in a loving and relaxed atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore, seek and live by the truth of God’s word. They are afforded opportunities to serve others by way of volunteering at feedings for the homeless and donating their time to causes in the community.
These activities enrich their lives and prepare them for leadership roles.